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June 30, 2008

Workshops going on!:

Consensus Process
Arts & Activism (puppets or general)
Media & Messaging
Direct Action Organizing
general Direct Action tactics, strategy, and/or theory
Urban Tactics for Direct Action
RNC Presentation

Possible Workshops:
Medic Trainings
Gender Dynamics
Guerrila workshops
Night Games
De-arresting/Puppy Piles
Evening Entertainment
Rocket Stoves
legal observer training


June 26, 2008

RNC Action Retreat Update

The RNC Welcoming Committee and Unconventional Midwest RNC Action Camp
and Retreat July 31- Aug 1 is less than 6 weeks away. We have a great weekend planned. Here are some updates

1 The camp is child friendly, drug and alcohol free, and a safe space
for other bodied identified folx. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you violate these guidelines

2 If you are planning to attend and have not already, please RSVP to This is especially
important if you are bring children. 

Please answer the following questions:

How many are coming?
Do you need child care?
Do you have workshop ideas you would like to lead? Would you like us to
leave space on the schedule for that?
Do you need transportation from Minneapolis to Albert Lea?
Any other needs we should know about for planning?

3 Camp is free and we will provide meals. Donations will be accepted and
are appreciated.

4 Workshops are slated to take place on Friday August 1 and Saturday
August 2. Thursday Evening is a welcome dinner and Sunday the 3rd is slated to be a breakfast followed by an RNC spokescouncil.

5 We have some amazing trainers and presenters planning to come and help
us out. Seeds of Peace will be providing the kitchen and Medical trainings and No War No Warming will be sending trainers. The RNC Welcoming Committee will be presenting on RNC planning.

6 Workshops scheduled so far include Facilitation, Consensus
Process,Arts & Activism ,Direct Action Organizing, general Direct Action tactics, strategy, and/or theory, Urban Tactics for Direct Action, Blockades, Medic Trainings and more. We also have plenty of space available for querilla workshops
and DIY trainings.

7 What to bring:

We are camping in a semi-primitive 300+ acre private campground/music
venue. We will have a kitchen, running water and showers. Bring everything you would bring for a weekend in the woods (minus the booze and drugs). If you're one of them city folk, that means a tent, a tarp, and swimsuit at the minimum.

8 We plan an evening event on Friday and Saturday. we may do a talent
show. Bring your talent.

9 We are planning to have a shuttle bus running at least once during the
camp. Watch for updates here.

10 We can't wait to see you!

for more information


email us!

June 19, 2008

Please keep coming back for updates on the schedule that is going to come out soon.

Please sign up for the listserv on the annoucements of the listserv:

And RSVP to:

We need food, transport, child care numbers!