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Call for workshop, skillshare proposals
May 19, 2008

Hey all! – So if you have a special skill or knowledge in an area that pertains, let us know! Don’t hesitate to send us your proposals for workshops, skillshares, etc. Some things we are interested in but not limited to –

Non-violence trainings

Blockading 101

Advanced Blockading

Street Tactics

Consensus Trainings


Street Medics

Affinity Groups

Let us know!


RNC Action Camp and Retreat! July 31 – Aug 3 2008
May 13, 2008

RNC Action Camp and Retreat!  
July 31 - Aug 3 2008 in beautiful 
Southern Minnesota
Join the RNC Welcoming Committee,
UnconventionalAction Midwest, 
Citizen's League of @nti-
CivilationVoters for a 4-day 
camp-out retreat and actioncamp
training.  The camp will conduct 
trainings on non-violence, direct 
action, community organizing, 
blockades, guerrilla kitchens,
group consensus decision-making, 
legal defense, affinity groups, 
street theatre, jail support, 
and other topics.

Attend all the workshops or 
attend none! We will create
a space to relax and decompress 
before the main event, or get 
skills to help Crash the Convention!

RSVP or write with questions 
and comments to 

For updates and announcements email 

See you there!